Disable Integrity Protection OSX El Capitan needs the disable integrity protection to run the modified Nvidia Drivers Shutdown your Mac. Press the power button and immediately hold down Command + R until you see the apple logo Now your Mac will be in Recovery Mode. Open up Utilities -> Terminal Run the following command: csrutil disable You should see text confirming that integrity protection is now disabled. Now restart your Mac.

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Equipment MacBookPro or MacBookAir with Thunderbolt 2 port(s) Akitio Thunder2 PCIe Box GeForce GPU capable of CUDA, Maxwell generation or newer http://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/cuda/supported-gpus Bplus SWEX : ATX Power Supply Power ON switch ATX PC Power Supply (>400W) StarTech BEZELWRKIT ATX Case Front Bezel Wire Kit 4 Pcs Green Black Latching On/Off SPST Round Rocker Switch The Box Basically throw away the Akitio chassis but keep the power cord from the transformer to the chassis (the DC power part).

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