Getting Your Laptop Setup Let’s get Cassandra running, using containers to keep the runtime environment similar to what it would be in production. We are focusing on OSX only and will use a few tools that are freely available to make it all work. Install Brew Install CaskRoom brew tap caskroom/cask  Install Docker Toolbox but with brew/caskroom brew cask install dockertoolbox  Install cqlsh so you can mess with Cassandra brew install python && pip install cql 5.

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I’ve been grappling with this project for years now and figured I would share the progress so far. We will leverage this work as we tackle Deep Learning over the course of 2016. Ever have a project with stuff everywhere? Some java stuff, a go application that was hacked up on a half-day, some mysql shortcut commands in the readme, a superfast CUDA library with test apps, etc… all in one git repo?

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First blog post has to be documenting how I’m setting up this blog! Going to keep in very technical. Need an EC2 instance, running Ubuntu, with WordPress using Nginx with the AddThis plugin for sharing tools, email against Google Apps for Business server, and backing up to S3 with Backup Buddy plugin. Using an Amazon EC2 instance type of t2.micro, costs $151 for 3 years, running the latest Long Term Service (LTS) edition of ubuntu.

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