Surprisingly, there are a few steps to get started on AWS CodeCommit…from a fresh OSX laptop. After bouncing around the AWS documentation…here are the steps. Install brew /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" install python and pip and aws cli brew install python git sudo easy_install pip sudo pip install awscli Configure your keys — use region: us-east-1, format: json aws configure 4. Setup git to use the credential helper

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First blog post has to be documenting how I’m setting up this blog! Going to keep in very technical. Need an EC2 instance, running Ubuntu, with WordPress using Nginx with the AddThis plugin for sharing tools, email against Google Apps for Business server, and backing up to S3 with Backup Buddy plugin. Using an Amazon EC2 instance type of t2.micro, costs $151 for 3 years, running the latest Long Term Service (LTS) edition of ubuntu.

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