bash -> zsh -> fish

I love bash. It has served me well and is an essential component of av as we discussed in a previous post. A couple of years ago, I got very annoyed in the lack of case-insensitive tab completion. Lets take this simple example: So bash here isn’t going to complete to ‘Picture’ because its case-sensitive. So, enter zsh. It offers case-insensitive tab completion and with oh-my-zsh a host of other awesomeness.

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Pakke and Unpakke

I’m sure five times a day, you download some code in some form of compressed file format. Could be a .zip, or a .tar.bz2 or a .tar.gz, maybe its even a .7z. For me, its almost everyday and the mental logic goes like this: 1) Downloaded some file off the Internet 2) ‘ls -al’ 3) Looks like a zip, so I’ll use ‘unzip’ And then if it happens to be a .

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I’ve been grappling with this project for years now and figured I would share the progress so far. We will leverage this work as we tackle Deep Learning over the course of 2016. Ever have a project with stuff everywhere? Some java stuff, a go application that was hacked up on a half-day, some mysql shortcut commands in the readme, a superfast CUDA library with test apps, etc… all in one git repo?

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